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63A AC Dual Power Distribution Box complete with 125 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Voltage Regulator and Surge Protection

$28,500 JMD

Perfect for Distributing AC Power from Solar System and Grid to Main Distribution Panel with Automatic Transfer Feature , Voltage and Surge Protection.
Consist Off:
Grid Input
- 63amp 220V DP circuit breaker ×1
Solar AC Input
- 63amp 220V DP breaker×1

Solar AC Output
- 63amp 220V DP breaker×1

Transfer Switch
- 100amp Automatic transfer switch (ATS) ×1
Output Side
- AC surge protector ×1
- 63amp 220V DP voltage regulator x1
- 63amp 220V DP Earth leakage circuit breaker ×1

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