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New Energy Lithium-Ion PowerWall - 10kWh (48V-200Ah)

$505,000 JMD

Grade A+ high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology, designed for super long , safe and stable service life. Smart integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with diverse functions to include, over-temperature alarm protection, over-charge and over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection. Expandable to Up to 160 kWh Capacity


  • 1.High Quality, High Efficiency A+ Grade LFP Battery Cells
  • 2.Easy to Install and Maintain
  • 3. IP20 Protection Level 
  • 4. Built-in Smart Battery Management System
  • 5.  CAN/RS485 Communication Ports
  • 6. Modular Design (Connect Up to 16 Units for Increased Capacity)
  • 8.Warranty: 6 Years
  • 9. Life Span: 25 Years
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