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Tuya Smart Wifi Doorbell Camera Lock w- Biometric Fingerprint Scan (ESL-1F)

$43,570 JMD
Pressing the doorbell button will send an image of the front door along with a prompt to the App, allowing you to keep the door locked or to unlock the door remotely. When the doorbell rings, the indoor screen with control buttons will also automatically show the situation outside the door from the front camera which is equipped with night vision. Get that extra security while you’re home or away. Control access to your property from anywhere. Get alerts to your smart mobile devices when doors are open or closed. Add multiple users (permanent or temporary). Get time logs for users, perfect for attendance management. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant for voice control and smart home integration. Providing several ways to unlock. 
Unlock by:
  • Fingerprint (Biometric)
  • Passcodes (One-Time and Time Limited)
  • Tuya Smart or Smart Life App
  • RFID Cards
  • Physical Key
  • Voice Commands Passcodes using Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Wi-Fi 
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