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SOLUXX 80 Gallon Flat Plate Solar Water Heater W/ Integrated Backup Heater (System Only)

$214,500 JMD

FREE ENERGY: 100% savings on your electric bill when compared to electric water heaters.
PRESSURIZED SYSTEM: Delivers constant water flow for your comfort
ADJUSTABLE GALVANIZED STEEL FRAME STRUCTURE: Offers durable and versatile mounting capabilities for both slope and flat roof types.
HIGH DENSITY POLYURETHANE FOAM INSULATED TANK: Provide up to 72 hours of Hot Water Storage in the absence of Sunlight
FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL INNER TANK: Provides Safe Healthy Water Storage.
SLEEK, NON-OBTRUSIVE LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: Fits neatly on your roof and blends seamlessly in your home architecture.

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